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The man holds a grimy hand to her mouth and whispers something I can't hear. She squirms against the alley wall, and she shrieks, muffled through fingers. I pull out my gun.
"Stop! Police!"
The man's face jerks my way, and I look to his forehead. In the late evening darkness, glowing from his bald scalp is a violet tattoo: an X overlying a large circle. He's a Delinquent Archetype. A Thief.  
"Step away from the woman!" I walk closer.
The Thief's eyes widen at my gun, but without missing a beat, he puts the girl between us and pulls her close. He has a knife pressed against her breast, where the tip pierces her blouse.
"You aren't going to do anything to this girl, are you Thief?" I say. "That wouldn't make your handlers too happy, you know." I press a button near the back of my gun, and the small, mounted screen blinks to life, displaying an ID number and a series of readings. One registers fear. It pulses. The Thief pales, almost to the girl's chalky degree.
This close, I can see pas
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The Ultimate Wolfaboo Rebuttal Guide by TipsyDigital The Ultimate Wolfaboo Rebuttal Guide :icontipsydigital:TipsyDigital 641 881
Lover on top of a mountain
They who scale mountains
content themselves with the feeling
of love, not confirmed
with action. They can fly the arrow- never mistake- truer
than any romantic. But
height is a lofty mistress, and the
keenness of the wind is
ever seductive, because it whistles
the story clearly that gets
mangled below.
Who -wants- to get mangled?
We are not beasts of burden, even if
we've worn this fur for thousands of years.
To dive from the clean, clean edge into
chaos is unthinkable.
To frolic among the tumbling bodies
and risk trampling and being trampled
is enough to curl back and reach
for the highminded pleasures
of love
Oh, but such a dream
veiling a cliff's face
eventually reveals itself to
appear only to those who
fall from the sky. So the lover
spends all her time devising paths
of climbing
to those below. She braids the ropes
and drops the chains, even taking a sledgehammer
to the rocks for a perilous winding road
but the danger she
undermines, and it is
few who exceed the intimacy of
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Paint Allover by NightCrawler12 Paint Allover :iconnightcrawler12:NightCrawler12 3 4 Houndoom DEP sunmission by Wonksbrother Houndoom DEP sunmission :iconwonksbrother:Wonksbrother 86 8
I love you
He stared at the wall
The words haunted him for life
And he couldn't stop thinking if she would come
He left everything behind already
He wasn't going to leave her
As the paint started to crawl down like ink
The liquid coming from his eyes did the same
He wiped them away quickly
For he felt like he didn't deserve anything, not even a tear
He stared at the sky
The one who watched over them everyday
"Was I that bad?"
The sky did nothing but release snow
"I take that as a yes..."
He covered his face with his hands
Everything around him seemed to go against him
Even the words on the wall seemed to be loathing him
He could hear them cursing him
"Shut up."
He threw the bucket of paint at the wall
And fell on his knees
He was determined that she was would never come
Until warms hands wrapped around him
The owner stared at the wall
She smiled and whispered, "I know."
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These r mah favorites :P


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Favourite genre of music: Not Rap
Favourite style of art: anime traditional and digital
Personal Quote: "I'll give you my heart, but not the key. That way you can't break it <3" ~Zoeywolf223
Hey guys i'm moving accounts, if you still wanna watch me go to


I'm moving because this account has built up allot of negative crap. and Zoey is no longer my Fursona. iv come to the realization that i'm less of a wolf then i'd have most of you believe. I still love wolves of course, and will continue to draw them as well as any other creature. All of my Deviations will be left here. i may even poke around on this account once in a blue moon. but as for that all my activity and art will be on my new account. I'll still be the same person :)



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Roachguts Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Hang on - if you give someone your heart but not the key, that would give them even more of a want to break it, right? Because how else are they going to open it without that darn key? And not having a key in the first place isn't going to stop them from trying to smash it on the floor or something.
ZoeyWolf223 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012   Digital Artist
and the argument begins...

Because without the key they can't open the metal casing that so many people have over their hearts. you can't bust metal. so for the most part one would have to keep the heart long enough to earn the key.
Roachguts Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Student General Artist
But who says hearts have metal casing? What kind of metal? Gold? Titanium? Different metal for different people? And metal can easily be "busted", or at least dented/scratched/otherwise borked. And why metal in the first place? Your use of metaphor intrigues me.
ZoeyWolf223 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012   Digital Artist
indeed, but if you wish to continue the conversation pleasego to my new account :iconthelabradoreowyn:
DiamondStace Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
ZoeyWolf223 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2012   Digital Artist
DiamondStace Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
hi de que???
ZoeyWolf223 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2012   Digital Artist
"hi" vol dir Hola anglès de
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Tigercaramelrecinos Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ZoeyWolf223 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012   Digital Artist
:icondragonhugplz: thanx for the watch and llama
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